Deep Listening

Often, when we listen, we are not fully present. We are forming our own opinions of what another person is saying. We are thinking of how we will respond, what we will say when it is our turn to speak. We are thinking of how we feel. We are thinking of our own similar experiences. We are thinking of what we had for breakfast…

Deep Listening means that we enter a meditative, or focused state, putting aside our own thoughts and feelings and opening our hearts to really and fully listen to each other.

During our sessions, we will be practicing deep listening with each other. I will hold space for you to say, think or feel whatever you need to. Often there is no need for me to reply or comment; my job is to hold your words and feelings in sacred space. At times, I may share with you something  of my own knowledge (from teachings or experiences I have had or stories I have heard).

Sometimes, just having the space to say things out loud brings you to your own insights, conclusions, healing.