Finding your Sacred Path

Sometimes, finding a spiritual tradition to adopt as your own, or to help you grow spiritually happens before you’ve really sat down to explore your own beliefs and goals in your life. This can be a little like putting the cart before the horse.

My approach is to help you first look deeply at your own needs, wants, beliefs and patterns in your life and on your own spiritual path. With exploration and awareness of what you are looking for, or what you feel called to do/be next, it is much easier to create your own tools of spiritual practice and to match them to one or more spiritual or faith-based traditions who might provide you with support and community.


This is hard to do in the midst of a busy life and a busy mind. I have found that beginning each session together with a guided meditation/prayer uniquely matched to your own life and beliefs, helps to relax body, thoughts and feelings until we can rest in a place of quiet, of silence, of reverence and of gratitude. It is in this place, where prayer and meditation lead us, that you will hear the call of your soul and the wisdom of your sacred self will speak to you clearly.