Holding Sacred Space

Spiritual exploration is best when it takes place in what is called “sacred space” – a time and a place that we set aside for doing inner work. I create and hold this container of sacred space for you.

The physical space is one where an atmosphere of peace, calm, and beauty has been created. Entering, you feel the positive, healing energy of the space. It is quiet and serene. 

You can stand, sit or lie down comfortably in this space. You feel safe, and at ease. There is no danger. There are no expectations. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go. This place and this time is just for you.

In sacred space, you can relax, unwind, focus, feel safe, heal and grow, explore and connect.

Those who facilitate and “hold” Sacred Space for others are called teachers, healers, shamans, guides, body workers, or just simply friends.

When I hold space for you, it means that I am present for you during our time together. I set aside all other concerns, thoughts, beliefs and stories I have and focus on opening my heart and my intuitive senses. This helps me to see and hear the unique needs of your whole self at that moment in time. Each session is different, because you are different in that time and place.